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How to connect to data sources

In the initial version of our integration, you can bring marketing reporting data from the top 6 paid marketing sources into your dashboard.

Before you begin

You must have a account and the following access permissions for the data sources.

Facebook Ads

Your Facebook account needs:

  • Employee access with the View performance option enabled or Ad account analyst access to an ad account.
  • If you're using the new Pages experience, your account needs partial access to the linked Facebook account.

For access to Lead data, your account needs Lead manager or Page admin access.

Google Ads

You'll need a Google Ads or manager account with Read Only access. Learn how to grant access to a Google Ads account or manage your accounts.

If you have connected to Google Ads correctly, but your ad account doesn't appear, try granting the manager account access again.

LinkedIn Ads

To connect to LinkedIn Ads, you need:

Microsoft Advertising

To connect Supermetrics to Microsoft Advertising, you need:

TikTok Ads

Your TikTok account needs at least Ad account analyst access to connect. User roles with higher permissions — including Owner, Admin, and Operator — will also work.

Learn how to manage your account permissions in the TikTok Business Center.

X Ads (Twitter)

Your account needs Campaign analyst access. Some dimensions might also need Ad manager access to an ad account. Learn how to grant ad account access.


Connect to data sources

On the Configuration tab, the data sources you have already connected appear first, together with the number of ad accounts you have included. Below, you'll see the data sources that are available for you to connect.

  1. On the Configuration tab, click Connect next to the data source you’d like to connect to.
  2. Connect to the data source.
  3. Select the ad accounts to use in your reporting, and click Next.
  4. Go to your dashboard or main table to work with the data from the new data source.

Change ad accounts

You can include up to 10 ad accounts per data source. To change the ad accounts on your dashboard, delete your existing connection to the data source by clicking the X button and set up a new connection with different accounts.

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