Known Issue with Google My Business - API Does Not Support a Date Range

This is still not fixed by Google, and is still impacting this year on November 1st, 2020.

This guide applies to the following error that appears when fetching data for November 3rd, 2019 and Nov 1st, 2020:

Error: Error: Google My Business failure (Google My Business API does not support a date range which starts with the current date (today).)

The issue only seems to appear for those dates (or possibly November 4th or November 2nd, depending on the time zone), which we believe may be linked to that being when the US had their Daylight Savings end. This issue though affects everyone, regardless of timezone settings for the query.

The only workaround is to extend the date range to a day before or after the change over, which will clear the error.

This has been reported as an issue to Google via this bug report and we are monitoring it for changes:

We will update this article once the issue has been resolved. We apologize for the inconvience this is causing with fetching data for that specific day.

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