Campaign Name Can't Be Fetched With Conversion Value

Campaign Name can't be fetched with Conversion Value, but Campaign ID works. 

This limitation is related to the fact that "Conversion value" metric is only in one of the reporting cubes for the Verizon Media Native Ads API service. Here is the link to the documentation that lists what metrics and dimensions can be pulled together with that metric:

Campaign ID is there but Campaign Name is not. So it is not possible to fetch these fields in on a single query.

Luckily there is a workaround.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets:

Create two separate queries, and then use a lookup or reference to create the single combined table.

Query #1: 
Metrics: Conversion Value 
Dimensions: Campaign ID, Month

Query #2 
Metrics: Clicks, impressions, conversions 
Dimensions: Campaign ID, Campaign Name, Month 

Then use Vlookup to check query #1's results for the right month and campaign ID and return the conversion value as a new column next to query #2.

Supermetrics for Data Studio:

The same as above, but this time utilize Google's data blending feature using Campaign ID as a join key:

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