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We've compiled below, to the best of our knowledge, what rights and permissions are required with Facebook when logged with the New Page Experience, and which errors you might encounter. 

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What is New Page Experience?

Facebook launched a New Page for public figures, businesses, and others who want to build an audience to manage their personal and professional presence on Facebook. To learn more, please refer to this Facebook guide:

Access requirements

To enable Supermetrics for Facebook with New Page Experience, you must meet the following requirements:

  • With Instagram Insights, you must have full control access to the Facebook page linked to the Instagram account
  • With Facebook Ads, you must have at least partial access to the linked Facebook account
  • With Facebook Insights, you must have at least partial access to the linked Facebook page

Full control access

To enable full control access, go to this page: and follow the section "Give Facebook Access for New Pages":

Partial access 

To enable partial access, go to this page: and follow all the steps from section "Give partial access of New Pages":

Errors you might encounter

We've listed below the errors you might encounter if you don't meet the requirements above. Please note that this list is not exhaustive but will be updated over time to include all errors.

  • Error: Instagram Insights failure ((#100) permission denied) 
  • Error: Facebook Insights post fetching error: Invalid Oauth 2.0 access token"

Further assistance

If you continue to encounter an error after setting up the correct above permissions, please submit a request to support with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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