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Capterra PPC and Capterra Reviews: Authentication guide

This guide will walk you through how to authenticate or reauthenticate Capterra PPC and Capterra Reviews with Supermetrics in Google Sheets, Data Studio, and Excel.

Before you begin

To connect Supermetrics to Capterra PPC, you need:

  • API access and an API key enabled by the Capterra account manager.

To connect Supermetrics to Capterra Reviews, you need:

  • A Capterra product identifier for search. This identifier can be taken from the URL of the product page in Capterra. 
    • For example, if the product URL in Capterra is capterra[dot]com/p/135003/Slack, the identifier is 135003.


With Capterra PPC, you can:

  • Report all the basic metrics for your advertising and promotions: cost, clicks, conversions, average position, CPC, and CPA/CPL.
  • Fetch data by vendor, product, country, channel, or by time.

  • Report data from three different platforms: Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice.

With Capterra Reviews, you can:

  • Fetch data from 250 most recent reviews for any product.


Google Sheets Data Studio  Excel
Before you can authenticate the data source in Google Sheets, you need to install the Supermetrics add-on.
  1. Open a new Google Sheets file 
  2. Navigate to ExtensionsSupermetricsLaunch to open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  3. Under Data source, select Capterra PPC or Capterra Reviews.
  4. For Capterra PPC:
    Enter your Account name and API key, and click Start.
    Navigate to Report configuration.

    For Capterra Reviews:
    Click Start.
    Navigate to Report configuration.
    Under Software ID, insert the software ID. 


  • If you encounter an authentication error such as “authentication failed”, “you need to reauthenticate” or similar, see this guide
  • If you're missing an account from the drop-down list, follow these steps
  • If you encounter a permission error such as “user permission denied” or similar, follow this guide.

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