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Ad + Google Analytics Data: Query setup guide

Before you begin

The Supermetrics Ad + Google Analytics Data connector brings together data from popular data sources into Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio).

Before you can start pulling data, you need to make sure you have the right permissions in each of the data sources that this connector uses. Review the Before you begin sections in each of these guides to make sure you're set up:

Ad + Google Analytics Data metrics and dimensions

We're happy to offer a wide range of Ad + Google Analytics Data fields in Supermetrics. You can review a full list of these in our technical documentation.


  1. Authenticate Ad + Google Analytics Data in Looker Studio.
  2. Select your query's metrics and dimensions. If you'd like some inspiration or a starting point, take a look at our Looker Studio templates.
  3. Your data will fill out the charts you select automatically.

When you're ready, learn how to use filters and data blending to further refine your reporting. You can also optimize your Looker Studio reports to keep them running quickly and smoothly.


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