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How to fix errors with incompatible fields, or fields that can't be fetched together

When running queries with Supermetrics, you might encounter one of these errors:

  • These metrics and dimensions can't be fetched together
  • Incompatible fields
  • Selected field combination is invalid

This happens because one or more of the query’s fields can’t be requested together. Often, this is due to restrictions in the data source’s API. 

These errors can also appear when the incompatible fields are included in filters and sorts, rather than in the query itself.


  • If the error message describes which metrics and dimensions are causing the issue, remove them from your query.
  • If the error doesn’t describe the metrics or dimensions causing the issue, remove metrics and dimensions from the query, one at a time, until the query runs. Once you have found the problem field(s), you can update the query to run without them.

If the field is essential to your reporting, you can work around the error by creating a second query with the incompatible field and another field that can be used as a join key (like IDs). You can then use spreadsheet functions to join the data together into one table with the key. In Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), data blending can also do this.

Data sources with query type configurations

For queries that have multiple query types in the configuration (for example, Mailchimp, LinkedIn Company Pages, Semrush, and more), the error can be caused by a field that isn’t part of the query type. 

Select a different query type to use the field.

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