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About data blending in Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) offers a data blending feature that can be used to connect and combine data. Using join keys, data from several sources can be used in the same chart.


Data blending is a built-in feature in Looker Studio. We recommend you first familiarize yourself with Google’s guide on data blending. To get started, see this guide about creating a chart with blended data.

You can also use blending to reaggregate data. This way of blending allows you to bypass the possible limitations set by the default summary row. After reaggregating data, values in the summary row act as sum() values from the table. See this guide by Google on reaggregating data.


There are some limitations to the data blending feature.


If you have any issues with blending data, please seek further instructions primarily from the Looker Studio help center. As data blending is a built-in feature in Looker Studio, Supermetrics support can only offer limited help for troubleshooting.

You can also use the data blending feature on the Supermetrics Hub. On the Hub, blend data from select data sources and use the created blend as a data source. Learn more about data blending on the Hub.

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