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How to connect data sources to Data Studio

The first step in moving your data in Data Studio with Supermetrics is to connect to our platform. Doing this creates a data source file that you can add to any report in Google Data Studio.

Some data sources have different requirements. Explore our authentication guides for specific guidance on how to connect to each data source.

In this guide, we’ll show you the process for one of our most popular data sources: Facebook Ads. 


  1. Open the Supermetrics data source gallery.
  2. Navigate to Facebook Ads and click Try.
  3. If you're authenticating the data source for the first time, log in with the Google Account you use with Supermetrics. Click Allow.
  4. Under Select accounts, select at least one account. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page. To create a report with our template, select Use report template for new reports. To create a blank report, deselect this option. 
  6. Click Connect.
  7. Click Create report.
  8. Click Add to report.

Next steps

Create a report with Supermetrics in Data Studio.


If you run into trouble logging in or authenticating, it could be due to one of these types of issue.

Account issues

If you or your organization uses multiple accounts to access either Data Studio or your data sources, cookies and permissions can cause issues when logging in.

If Data Studio automatically logs you in with the wrong account, clear your cookies before connecting to Supermetrics. This should help ensure that you’re logged in with the right account.


If you get stuck in a loop with failed authentication, follow these instructions to diagnose and solve the problem.

Multiple accounts or logins

If you encounter an error message telling you that This action is not supported when you are signed in to multiple accounts, follow these instructions to solve the issue.

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