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How to fix login errors across multiple Google Accounts

Google products — including Google Sheets and Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) — sometimes have difficulty distinguishing between logins when you're using multiple Google Accounts at once. This impacts add-ins like Supermetrics.

This is a widespread issue that Google is working to resolve.

Until it's fixed, you might see the errors below when logging into Supermetrics with a Google Account. This guide will walk you through how to fix these errors.

  • This action is not supported when you are logged in to multiple accounts.
  • This was a reauthorization request for user A, but you logged in as user B.
  • The script completed but did not return anything.
  • refused to connect.
  • Error 400 Bad Request


Solution 1: Log out of all Google Accounts

Log out of all Google Accounts other than the one you use for Supermetrics.

For example, if you're logged into Chrome with a Google Account you don't use with Supermetrics, log out of that account. (If you're not sure which account you're logged into Chrome with, you can always check the profile picture in the browser's upper right corner.)

Then, after you've logged out of Chrome, log in to Supermetrics with the Google Account you use with us.

Solution 2: Create a new Chrome browser profile

If you're using Chrome, a browser profile can help to solve issues that come up when you're using multiple Google Accounts on the same device.

Follow Google's instructions to create a Chrome browser profile

Log into that profile with the Google Account you use with Supermetrics. Working in the browser profile should prevent any other Google logins interrupting your Supermetrics login.

Solution 3: Use the authentication link from Supermetrics Hub

Go to Supermetrics Hub and copy the shareable authentication link from the Hub's data sources page

Then, paste the authentication link to another browser window or to the browser using the Chrome profile you use when authenticating your data source connection. For example, if your Supermetrics account is for and the account login for the data source is for, use the Chrome profile for

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