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How to fix a missing Facebook or Instagram account or Page

If you have access to a Facebook, Instagram account/page but it isn't appearing in the account drop-down in Supermetrics tools, follow these steps. 

Before you begin

Check your account permissions

Please check that your user role level meets the data source’s access requirements. Refer to our connection guides and follow the section "before you begin" to learn more.

  • If you can’t change your access/permission level, contact your account administrator.


Reauthenticate and refresh account list 
  1. Once you’ve confirmed your access and the above permissions, reauthenticate the data source.
  2. Refreshing the data source account list in the Supermetrics Team Management site can help surface missing accounts.
  3. Log out of Instagram/Facebook from the browser. 
Reset the app permissions 

If you meet the data source access requirements, but your account or Page still isn’t appearing in Supermetrics, take these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook with the account that is being used in Supermetrics.
  2. Log in to Facebook’s business integrations manager.
  3. In the Active section, find:

    Supermetrics Connector for Instagram Insights
    Supermetrics IGPD2 for Instagram Public Data
    Supermetrics for Facebook Ads and Facebook Insights
    Supermetrics Business Manager for Facebook Business Manager

  4. Log out of Facebook.
  5. Authenticate again the data source.
Clear cache/cookies 

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Follow the instructions for the browser you use with Supermetrics. We’ve included some links to common browser guides here:

Troubleshooting Instagram

Unclaimed Facebook Page

If the Facebook Page is linked but not "claimed" by the account, the API still won't see it (this is to prevent people falsely linking to known pages to get access). Please see how to claim a page. If you're unsure, navigate to Settings  → Business in the Mobile App which should show an error for an unclaimed account.

Duplicate Pages
Duplicate versions of a Page can be created by teammates or by Facebook (this happens to unmanaged Pages when the account is converted to a business profile). If you're linking to the wrong version and you don't have rights to it, it can cause the page not to appear in Supermetrics. 

Check that the Instagram account is linked to the right account.

Working account that suddenly disappears
If the permissions scope is changed, someone unlinks the account, or the Supermetrics app loses its rights to view the Pages, they can seem to suddenly disappears from Supermetrics.

Go back to the Before you begin section above to ensure everything is still connected correctly and the user still has access.
Mismatched user permissions or multiple users
There may be some issues with the Facebook user changing or with multiple users being logged into the data source.

To fix this:

  1. Log all users out of the data source and log in with the one you intend to use.
  2. If they cannot see the account, their permissions are probably not set correctly - go back to the Before You Begin section to verify they meet the requirements to see the linked page.

We can help 

If you continue to have issues after trying the above actions, please submit a request to support with the following screenshots, for Instagram only.

Screenshot #1 

Open the Instagram Mobile App. Click Settings → Account → Sharing to other apps → Facebook → Facebook Account Centre → Accounts and profiles. 

Screenshot what is on this page.

Screenshot #2 

Still in the Mobile App, click Settings → Business or Creator. Screenshot what is on this page. (Note if you don't see either section, the account is not a Business or a Creator Account, and does not meet the requirements. You must change the account type to Business or Creator to be able to report it through the API). 

Screenshot #3 

Still in the Mobile App, go to Profile → Edit Profile. Screenshot what is on this page. 

Screenshot #4 

Open Facebook, go to Manage Page → Settings. Under Page settings, click Instagram. Screenshot what is on this page.

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