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How to fix missing Instagram accounts

Several different types of error can cause an Instragram account to be missing from Supermetrics. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem and access any missing accounts.


Check your permissions

If you make changes to your Instagram account's permissions scope, or if Supermetrics loses the permissions it needs to connect to the account, check your Instagram account's settings.

Make sure it has the permissions Supermetrics needs to pull its data.

Refresh and reset your connection

If your permissions are right but the accounts are still missing, refresh your connection between Supermetrics and Instagram. If your accounts are still missing after you've reconnected, refresh your accounts on the Supermetrics Hub. In Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), you can clear the cache to refresh the connection.

If your account still isn't appearing after you've checked your permissions and refreshed, take these steps:

  1. Log in to Facebook with the account that you want to pull data from. 
  2. In a new tab, log in to Facebook’s business integrations manager
  3. In the "Active" section, find the business integrations for the connector you're having an issue with. It'll be called either "Supermetrics Connector" for Instagram Insights, or "Supermetrics IGPD2" for Instagram Public Data.
  4. Click the checkbox to the far right of its name. 
  5. Click Remove

Log out of Facebook and then reauthenticate your connection to complete the process.

Confirm you've claimed a Facebook Page

If you've linked a Facebook Page to your Instagram account but haven't claimed it, the API won't be able to see it. 

You can find out if your linked Page has been claimed or not by opening the Instagram mobile app while logged in to the linked account, navigating to "Settings", and then "Business". You'll see your account status here.

Learn how to claim a Page in Instagram's documentation.

Check for duplicate Pages

Facebook will create a duplicate version of an unmanaged Page when the attached account is converted to a business profile. Additionally, large teams might sometimes create different versions of the same Page without letting their teammates know.

This can lead to your connection to Supermetrics try to reach a version of a Page that your account doesn't have the right to access. This can stop the Page from appearing in Supermetrics.

To fix this, verify which Page your Instagram account should link to, and then link them. Learn how in Instagram's documentation.

Remove multiple logins

Instagram accounts can encounter errors when multiple users are logged into it and Facebook at the same time.

To fix this, log all accounts out of Facebook, and then log back in with only the account you want to use with Supermetrics. Make sure it has the permissions it needs to work with Supermetrics.

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