Creating a destination: Prerequisites for Azure Synapse

Before you create a destination to start transferring data to Azure Synapse, see these prerequisites.

Once you've made sure all prerequisites are met, see our guide for How to configure a data destination.

Prerequisites for creating a destination

1. A dedicated SQL Pool needs to be set up in Azure before creating a destination with Supermetrics.

2. If you want to use the data within the SQL pool in a Synapse workspace, ideally, that should also be set up before creating a data transfer with Supermetrics.

3. Sufficient permissions

4. If your organization only allows access from selected networks, IP whitelisting is needed.

  • To modify the Firewall settings, you need to have needed permissions to the respective service in Azure.
  • For more information about storage roles, see Azure documentation: Azure Synapse Analytics IP firewall rules.
  • You can add the following Supermetrics IP addresses to the Firewall settings of your SQL Server, SQL Pool, and/or Synapse workspace:
    - NOTE: Do not forget to add your own IP address to avoid getting “locked out.”

How to configure a data destination »

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