How Do I Use the "APPEND_RESULTS" Setting?

As noted in the What does the "Combine new results with old" setting do? and How Do I Use the "Combine new results with old" Setting? articles, this feature can be used to overcome shortcomings of the data source API not being able to pull older periods of historical data and if your query doesn't have an option to use "Date" dimension, or when using it, it only returns results of the current day.

This setting will add an additional column to the beginning of your query which indicates the fetch date.

  1. Set up your data source query as normal in the Supermetrics sidebar. 
  2. If a date range setting is available, set it to "Today"
  3. Navigate to the Options section and type "APPEND_RESULTS" to enable the feature. Any refresh after this point will append the data to the bottom of the existing data.
  4. Run the query to populate the data into the sheet.
  5. The final step, which is optional, is to set up a refresh schedule so that this is updated automatically! For directions on how to set this up, see Can I schedule my reports to be refreshed or emailed at specific intervals?

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