Creating a destination: Filling instructions for Amazon S3 Bucket

This guide contains instructions for how to fill in the fields of the Create destination configuration view when creating a new Amazon S3 Bucket destination.

1. Display name: The display name of the destination that will be used to distinguish the one you are creating from other destinations.

2. Bucket name: The name of the S3 bucket you are going to use as a destination. This can be obtained from the AWS Management Console or your AWS Admins. See the buckets by going to Services → S3 in the management console.

  • NOTE: You need to have at least listBucket and listAllMyBuckets permissions to see buckets in the console. If you cannot see the buckets or are denied access, contact your AWS Admins.

3. Upload path: The folder structure you want to create in a bucket – e.g. if you specify a path “subfolder1/data”, the transfers will create the folders in the S3 bucket, if they don’t exist yet. If they do exist already, the data will be loaded into the specified path.

4. Region code: The region the S3 bucket is located in. This can be obtained from the S3 Management Console or your AWS Admins.

5. Access key: The Access key ID that you either have generated yourself under My Security Credentials or received from you AWS Admins.

6. Access secret: The Secret access key that is connected to your Access key ID.

  • If you don’t have the access key yet, in the AWS console go to My Security Credentials → Create access key or ask you AWS Admins to generate it for you if you don’t have sufficient permissions.
  • Each access key you generate comes with both an Access key ID and a corresponding Secret access key.

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