Creating a destination: Prerequisites for Azure Storage Container

Before you create a destination to start transferring data to your Azure Storage Container, see these prerequisites.

Once you've made sure all prerequisites are met, see our guide for How to configure a data destination.

Prerequisites for creating a destination

1. Your destination must be created in any kind of Azure Storage account that supports containers, i.e BlobStorage, Storage or StorageV2. For more information about Storage accounts, see Azure documentation: Storage account overview.

2. The container needs to use Access key for authentication – otherwise you won't be able to create the destination and transfers at

3. Sufficient permissions 

  • You need to have at least the role Reader & Data Access or higher, e.g. Storage Account Contributor, Contributor or Owner for the Azure Storage Account in which you have the containers you'd like to use as destinations. If you aren't sure about your permissions, please contact your Azure admins.
  • For more information about storage roles, see Azure documentation.

4.  If your storage account only allows access from selected networks, IP whitelisting is needed.

  • To modify the Firewall settings of a Storage account, you need to have at least role Storage Account Contributor.
  • For detailed instructions for IP whitelisting, see Azure documentation: Configure Azure Storage firewalls and virtual networks.
  • You or your Azure admin can add the following Supermetrics IP addresses to the Firewall settings of your Azure Storage account:
    - NOTE: Do not forget to add your own IP address to avoid getting “locked out”.

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