Known Issues with Instagram Story Insights

Due to how the API works, Stories are only available for up to 24-hours after they are created in the Instagram account (reference: Limitations section). We should have addressed the issue where you could not get Story insights at all, but due to the short lifespan of these objects in the API, they will continually disappear from the reporting.

One way to work around this is to use the "Combine new results with old" feature in the Google Sheets Add-on, and make sure the date range is set to include "Today". This will allow it to store older stories as historical data and also append the new ones to the bottom of the list, allowing you to collect the data over time. For more information on this feature, see: How Do I Use the "Combine new results with old" Setting?

Unfortunately, this workaround does not work for Excel at this time and not at all for Data Studio (though you can import the Sheets data with the Sheets connector).

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