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How to add data about Instagram stories and Reels to your reports

Use Supermetrics’ Instagram Insights and Facebook Insights connectors to pull story and Reel data into your reports quickly and easily.

While each of these types of data bring their own limitations, your Supermetrics connectors will help you create a pipeline that's as streamlined as possible — and help you keep access to your stories data long after it's disappeared from Instagram.

Note that our Instagram Insights and Facebook Insights connectors only pull data for organic stories and Reels. Use our Facebook Ads connector to query data for your promoted and boosted content.

Instagram stories

Store data for longer in Google Sheets

The Instagram Insights API only stores story data for the first 24 hours after a story is published.

In Google Sheets, our “Combine new results with old” setting lets you store this data for as long as you need to. 

To do this, first enable the setting. When you’re ready, set the date range for your stories query as “Last 2 days including today” — or start date and “Yesterday” — and set the end date to “Today”. 

Set the query to refresh every day, and your report will automatically add fresh data to your report without overwriting earlier results. You’ll be able to track and store your story data long after it’s disappeared from Instagram itself.

Get more detail

Instagram stories have story-specific metrics. For example, “Story impressions”, “Taps forward”, and more can add new layers of detail and granularity to your queries, unlocking deeper insights.


Explore our full range of metrics and dimensions in our technical documentation.


You can query data about Reels as you would other media in your Instagram account — but to do so you’ll need to add a specific metric, “Media product type”, to your queries.

Add this to your queries and select “Reels” as the product type to return Reels data.

The Instagram Insights API supports these metrics for Reels:

  • Comments count
  • Like count
  • Media reach
  • Reel plays
  • Reel shares
  • Total reel interactions
  • Unique saves

Reels data doesn’t support the “Impression” field, so you’ll get a null result if you query it.

Facebook stories

Facebook Insights API doesn't differentiate between posts and stories, so you can query stories as you would query posts. You can tell them apart in your reporting by adding the “Post type” metric to your queries.

Stories can be pushed from Instagram to a Facebook Page. Facebook Insights doesn’t support specific metrics the way Instagram Insights does — for example, data's available for 28 days there compared to 24 hours on Instagram.

Note that you can only see Facebook interactions with the Facebook Insights connector. Even though the story is pushed to Facebook from Instagram, the interaction from Instagram won't be accessible in Facebook Insights.

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