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What Does "Number of Ad Accounts Per Ad Network" Mean?

Supermetrics for Data Studio licenses have a restriction for the maximum number of Ad Accounts you have have set on Ad Network connectors, based on your license. The current limits are defined as:

Hobby - (3)

Individual - (3)

Pro - (20)

Super Pro - (100)

(See Also: Can I purchase more accounts for my license?)

These limits only apply to these Ad Network connectors and the accounts you select for them:

Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Google Display & Video 360, Google Search Ads 360, Adform

And the limit is per Ad Network - so for example if you had a Pro-level license, you could select up to 20 Facebook Ads accounts, 20 Microsoft Advertising accounts, 20 Google Ads accounts, and so on.

Please note that these restrictions do not apply to Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

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