Logging in to data sources for Google Sheets

This guide will show you how to log in to a data source using the Supermetrics sidebar in Google Sheets, to start pulling data from that source directly to Google Sheets.

This guide assumes that you have already installed the Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets. If you haven't installed the add-on yet, see First steps: Getting the Supermetrics Sidebar into Google Sheets.

This guide shows you how to authenticate Google Analytics an an example. For instructions on authenticating a specific data source, please see this list

1. In a Google Sheets file, click on Add-ons → Supermetrics → Launch to open the sidebar.

2. In the sidebar, click on the data source you wish to connect to.

3. A new window or tab will open in your browser to start the login process. Follow the prompts to log in to the data source with your account.

Once the login is completed successfully, the window should close and redirect you back to Google Sheets.

4. Now, you can see the account you logged in with in the Data source section of the sidebar.

Continue to the next section to select the ad accounts, views or pages from the data source, and start building your queries!

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