Creating a destination: Filling Instructions for Snowflake

This guide contains instructions for how to fill in the fields of the Create destination configuration view when creating a new Snowflake destination

1. Display name: The display name of the destination that will be used to distinguish the one you are creating from other destinations.

2. Hostname: Hostname of the Snowflake instance you are going to use as a destination. This can be obtained from the URL you use to access your Snowflake instance.

3. Warehouse: The name of the destination warehouse.

4. Database name: The name of the destination database.

5. Database schema: The name of the destination database schema.

  • Note: Snowflake Schema is not equivalent to a Schema you select when creating the Supermetrics for Snowflake transfer, or a Custom Schema that you can create in the Supermetrics Query Manager.

6. Username: Your Snowflake username.

7. Password: Your Snowflake password. Please note that when editing an existing destination, this field will be New password, and inputting anything to the field will overwrite the previously given password.

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