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How to create a Looker Studio report with Supermetrics

This guide walks you through building Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) reports with Supermetrics. Once you’ve set up your tables and charts, you can set them to update automatically with scheduled refreshes.

Before you begin

Before you set up your first report, you’ll need to connect your data sources to Supermetrics and Looker Studio.


  1. Log in to Looker Studio.
  2. In the top left corner, go to Create → Report. A new report will open. (If you need to connect a new data source, follow these instructions.)
  3. Under My data sources, you’ll see the data source files you’ve already created with Supermetrics. Select the one you'd like to use, and click Add in the bottom left corner.
  4. A new report will open, and you can start building your charts. 
  5. Add a new chart to the report by clicking Add a chart in the report’s upper menu.

How to copy a report

Creating a copy of a report allows you to easily share it with others, or use it as a template. Read Google’s documentation to learn how to do this

Note that some elements are part of the data source file, not the report, and won't be copied over unless you also recreate or copy the data source file.

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