How to Authenticate/Re-authenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics in Google Data Studio

This guide gives instructions on how to authenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics with Google Data Studio.

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"If everything fails..." 

Data Source Access Requirements:

Before authenticating the connector, please make sure you have gone through the rights and permissions required for this data source, meaning you are assigned as an "ad manager/admin" or as a similar role for these connectors:

Authenticating with Data Studio:

To authenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics in Google Data Studio, please do the following steps:

1. Click on Add data.

2. Search for Ad Data + Google Analytics and select the Supermetrics connector.

3. Click on Authorize. If you wish to learn more about data security and data privacy, please see this page

4. Select the account(s) of the data source you wish to proceed with. 

5. Click on add on the bottom right side to continue. 

6. As a final step, click on add to report

Re-authenticating with Data Studio:

To re-authenticate Ad Data + Google Analytics in Data Studio, please go to this guide.

Adding additional user accounts or removing old ones with Data Studio

1. Click on the link below to add additional user accounts or to remove old user accounts. If you don't need to add/remove user accounts, you can skip this step.

2. If you wish to add a user account, click on Add X user account. If you wish to remove a user account, click on remove. To continue with the same user account, click on done. 

"If everything fails..." 

Common errors:

If you encounter any of the following errors below, please see the guide linked after the error message.

  • Error: "Authentication failed" & "You need to re-authenticate at X and then run the query again.", please see this guide.
  • Error: "This was a reauthorization request for user X but logged in as user Y", please see this guide
  • Error: "You're not allowed to run queries with this license #12345. This is because you have not been assigned to the license as a valid user." please see this guide.
  • Error: "This action is not supported when you are signed into multiple accounts". please see this guide.
  • If you no longer see a specific account/page/etc. when logging in, please see this guide
  • If you haven't managed to authenticate you might be affected by an issue at Google account management. For more information, please see this guide.

For specific errors that are only connector-related, please go to the individual connector authentication guide. 

Forcing a refresh per account data & removing a data source:

To force a refresh per data source, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Google Sheets, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Data Studio, please see this guide.

To remove a data source from Excel, please see this guide.

Further assistance 

If you followed all the above steps and you still encounter an authentication error, please create a new support request with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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