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About Supermetrics advanced settings for Google Sheets

Supermetrics includes a wide variety of advanced settings for Google Sheets.

Add any advanced setting to your query by navigating to Options and then Advanced settings in the Supermetrics sidebar.

If you're using multiple advanced settings at once, separate each one with a comma with no whitespace on either side (,).

Advanced settingDescription
APPEND_RESULTSCombine new data with old data without updating the old results, and add a "Fetch data" column.

Replace blank or null values with zeroes.

DATES_NOTEDisplays the query date range (and comparison date range, if used) above the results table.
DIMENSIONS_MAX_LENGTH_XShorten dimension values to X length.
Prevent Google Sheets from applying any automatic formatting.
Identify posts that can be promoted on Facebook.
Fetch all Facebook Insights posts that match the query.
Fetch Facebook “dark posts,” which are targeted ads on social media that don’t appear on a timeline.
Display all campaigns with zero impressions in Google Ads, including ads that aren’t yet active.
Store old results even when a newer query refresh includes an error.
Remove dimensions from results.
Facebook Ads only: Remove row headers in queries that don’t include dimensions.
Store queries even if they don’t return data.
RETURN_ZEROS_WHEN_NO_DATAWill return "0" instead of "No data found" when a query doesn't find data.
Round numbers to the decimal point you want. Replace “X” with your chosen value.
SKIP_QUERY_REFRESHDon't update this query when you refresh this report (either manually or with a scheduled refresh).
Store queries that contain errors.
Allows replacing the dimension "m-y" with the format that you want. Learn more about this setting and when to use it.

Show the start date of a month or week.

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