Connecting to Power BI with Supermetrics API

The Supermetrics API can be used with Microsoft Power BI to import your data source data directly into the tool. Here are the basic steps for how to set this up.

  1. Access the Supermetrics API site:
  2. In the Query section, log into the data source you wish to import data from into Power BI and create the query. For more information on using the UI, see Using the Query Manager.

    Example Query Configuration Using Facebook Ads

  3. Once you have the query built, click on the POWERBI button to change the format of the URL to work with the Power BI "web" connection. You will see a completed URL below. Save URL for the next steps by clicking COPY.

    Important - This URL has an API key in it that gives anyone with the URL access to your data! Treat this like a password and keep it safe. If you need to publicly share the URL, use the "SHORT URL" option as it will not show this API key.

  4. Go to Microsoft Power BI, and click Home->Get Data->Web.

  5. Select the "Basic" option and In the "URL" field, add the full URL copied from the API Query Builder.
  6. Click OK.

  7. In the next dialog, select "Table 0" and then click Load.

  8. You should then see "Table 0" with your data and begin to use that to create your reports.
  9. For more information on creating Web page data connections, see here.

There are some known issues with Power BI, which are described here, along with their workarounds.

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