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How to transfer Supermetrics reports and data sources in Looker Studio

It’s often necessary to transfer licenses and report files from one user to another. These instructions assume that current file and license holders are both available to assist with the transfer — if this isn’t the case, skip ahead to the section on individual transfers.


Step 1: Grant permissions

The new license owner’s Google Account should be added to the license’s Supermetrics team. They’ll need to have the Owner user role in Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio) to be able to fully manage the account’s data sources and user management tools.

Step 2: Grant data source access

The new license owner should have access to all data sources connected to the Supermetrics license being transferred. Transfer access to them, or create a new general user account for each, so that the new owner can set up new connections under these new accounts.

Step 3: Transfer report and data source file ownership

If the team’s Looker Studio report files and data source files are stored in the original owner’s private Google Drive, these files should be moved over to the new owner’s Google Drive or a shared location.

While both file types can be managed with the Editor user role in Looker Studio, giving the new license owner the Owner user role will enable them to fully manage the files.

Visit Google’s help center for more information on transferring file ownership and transferring data source ownership.

Step 4: Update data source logins

Once the new owner has the permissions they need to edit data source files, they can change logged-in accounts to make sure their connections to Supermetrics stay stable when the original owner’s accounts are removed.

The new owner should follow the first 3 steps of this authentication guide. At step 4, they should click Add user account, and then log in with their own account for that data source.

They should open the user list for that data source in Supermetrics and remove the original owner’s accounts once they’re ready.


If the original owner isn’t available

If the original owner can’t transfer permissions or access, contact our support team, and we'll assign the license to a new user as necessary.

When you get in touch, we’ll be able to help more quickly if you include these things in your message:

  • The original account ID (this lets us find the license) 
  • Either the buyer email or an invoice ID (this lets us confirm access to the license)
  • The email associated with the Google account that you want to be given Owner rights to

If the original owner can’t transfer ownership of report or data sources files, you can copy them and remain the owner of these new files.

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