Not All Accounts/Segments/Custom Fields/Labels Are Showing in the Product

To increase performance, we may cache some account information to reference it faster. This may mean that if you add new accounts, custom fields, or change names on your labels or campaigns, our results may not reflect this immediately. Fortunately, you can refresh this data through a few steps.

Commonly affected objects this guide should help with:

  • New or renamed accounts/pages/locations
  • New or renamed labels
  • Segments
  • Custom metric and dimensions
  • Renamed campaigns/ads

First, follow the steps in this article to use the refresh option in the Team Management site:
Forcing a Refresh for Account Data

Once the refresh is complete, then re-authenticate the affected connector. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! It's required to ensure we get the latest information from your account.

If the error persists, clear your browser's cache and cookies. Use the following links to find instructions for your browser.

Apple Safari 

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Hopefully, the missing item or change is now present. If it is not, then please submit a new request to support, noting you had followed these steps. For quick handling please list the name(s) of the missing item so we can check right away.

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