How to Log Into Data Source?

This guide will show you how to connect to a data source in the Supermetrics for Excel add-in. This example will be using Facebook Ads as the data source, but this process will generally work for all data sources we support. 

This guide also assumes you have installed the add-in already, so if you haven't done that yet - see this guide for how to do the installation!

  1. In your Excel file, click the DATA tab and then click on the Show Supermetrics widget to start the sidebar.

    Orange arrow pointing to the "Show Supermetrics" widget in the DATA tab of Excel

  2. Once the sidebar opens, check the options under the Data Source tab. If it isn't expanded to start, click on it to expand it.
  3. Click on the data source you wish to log into in the list (in this example, we are going to log into Facebook Ads).

    Orange arrow points to the "Facebook Ads" with the blue F icon in the list

  4. A new tab/window will open with the process to log into the data source. It may look something like this:

    Example of login process page for Facebook Ads

    As noted in this example, some data sources may use existing browser cookies to log you in. If you don't want to automatically use that account, make sure to log out first in the browser version of the data source platform (in this case, out of the Facebook website) before proceeding.

  5. Click Start to continue the login process.
  6. It will then ask your login credentials for the data source platform. (If it uses browser cookies, it will bypass this step and log you in directly.)
  7. If that was successful, then you get a message like this. Click Create to continue.

    Example successfully log in for Facebook Ads

  8. It will then confirm the connection was created. Click Close window to go back to the Excel file.
  9. Next is to select the account(s) you will use for the query. Clicking on the box should show you the option available based on the user account you logged in with.
  10. With your account selected, you can continue with the query creation process!

If you would like to see an example query setup, please check out this article.

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