Facebook Insights Error: (#283) Requires manage_pages permission to manage the object

This article is for this Facebook Insights error that can occur for both Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Data Studio:

  • Error: FB error: (#283) Requires manage_pages permission to manage the object. Please log out of the Facebook via the sidebar and then log in again.
  • Community connector error: FB error: (#283) Requires manage_pages permission to manage the object. Please log out of the Facebook and then log in again.
  • This query requires additional Facebook permissions. To add the permissions, please log out of the Facebook data source and then log in again, accepting the new level of permissions.

The error is related to the recent changes that Facebook made to their APIs in the wake of Cambridge Analytica. Our Facebook Insights connector now requires some additional permissions to access the page data and needs the user's approval to accept those elevated permissions.

In most cases, logging out and back in again to the connector will resolve the error. You may see a pop-up asking you to accept the new level of permissions required, and you must accept in order for the tool to continue to work.

For Supermetrics for Data Studio:

Follow the directions in How do I Re-Authenticate a Connector?

For Supermetrics for Google Sheets:

Follow the directions in How do I Re-Authenticate a Google Sheets Connector?

What if that didn't work?!

In some cases, the user did not accept the new permissions (or wasn't given the option) and now Supermetrics is blocked for being able to access the page. To fix this, you can check your API access permissions in Facebook for the user account you are logging in with and reset that.

Log into Facebook with the account that is being used in Supermetrics. Click on the (?) icon in the upper-right and select Privacy Shortcuts and then the link "See more privacy settings" under the main Privacy section. In the left-hand menu, click on Apps and Websites.

First, check that Apps, Websites and Games is "Turned on". If it's not, our tool won't work and you will need to click "Edit" to enable it.  


If it is already enabled, then next is to delete the app permissions for Supermetrics. In the left-hand menu, click Business Integrations.

Supermetrics should be under the "Active" Business integrations section. (If it's not there, check under "Removed" and follow the same steps below.) 

1. Check the box next to the Supermetrics tab and click the "Remove" button.

Note that Instagram has a second integration that may appear here for "Supermetrics connector" - make sure to only remove the "Supermetrics" one specifically for these steps.

2. Now go try to log into Facebook with Supermetrics again using the steps above. It should give you the chance to re-authorize the connection and opt into certain levels of access to the account. Make sure that is accepted (else as noted prior, the tool won't work).

What if I'm getting this error after the above steps - ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS?

Follow the workaround in this guide as it usually helps - 

Authentication-, HTTP- or Script errors

I tried everything and it still has the error or asking me to log in again!

Please then submit a private ticket to Supermetrics Support for further assistance. Please note in the ticket that you've completed all the steps in this article so we know you already tried these.

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