How do I Refresh Fields/Update a Connector?

If a connector for Data Studio is updated with new metrics, dimensions, or settings, you will need to refresh the connector to get access to the latest version. Below are the steps for how to refresh the fields, using Facebook Ads as an example (all our connectors work the same way).

Please note that both "owner" and "editor" can edit the connection, refresh fields, and update credentials of the data sources. For more information, please refer to this Data Studio guide. 

  1. Click the "Edit" icon next your Data Source (or click Resource->Managed added data sources and click Editthere).

    Data Source data element with arrow pointing to pencil edit icon

  2. Click REFRESH FIELDSlink in the lower left-hand corner.

    Arrow pointing to Refresh Fields link in Data Studio fields UI

  3. Wait for refreshing process to complete. There will be a pop-up showing what changes made where made, if any. Click CONTINUE.
  4. Click DONEto go back to your report.

    Arrow pointing to done button in fields UI

Note that updates to the connector might cause some elements of your report to no longer work. Check your report now to make sure everything is working properly, making adjustments as needed. Report any new issues to support.

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