How to run queries in Google Sheets

This guide will show you how to run queries and start pulling your data directly to Google Sheets with Supermetrics.

This guide assumes you have already installed the Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets, and logged in to your data source. If you haven't completed these steps, see these instructions for Installing the add-on and Logging in to your data source.

1. Start by opening a Google Sheets file, and launching the Supermetrics sidebar from Add-ons → Supermetrics → Launch.

2. In the Data source section of the sidebar, select the data source you want to pull data from.

3. Depending on the selected data source, the next selection in the sidebar can be Select accounts, pages, views, etc. Select at least one property to include in the query.

4. In the Select dates section, set the date range for pulling your data. You can choose from a list of pre-set dynamic date ranges, or set custom start and end dates.

5. In the Select metrics section, you can see a list of metrics similar to what you would see in the original data source. Find and select one or several metrics for your query.

6. In the Split by dimensions section, you can set your data to be split to rows and/or columns with different dimensions.

7. You can make further adjustments to your query in the sections Segment, Filter and Options.

8. Once you are ready with your query setup, click on Get Data to Table. Your data will be inserted starting from the cell you have selected in your spreadsheet – in this example, cell B2.

9. The data will now populate to the spreadsheet, starting from the cell you had selected. A query info tab will open in the sidebar, showing you the query details and options.

  • If you later need to e.g. refresh, modify, or delete the query, simply click on any cell containing the query's data, and in a few seconds the query info tab will open again in the sidebar.
  • If the tab doesn't open, first select any cell outside the query data, and then re-select a cell with the query data.

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