Daily Query Quotas

Data Source API requests

The various data sources usually have their own limits on API requests per account or resource per period of time. If you reach your daily limit, you get an error message "Daily [data source] quota exceeded for ID [profile], try again later." when you create new or refresh queries using this data source. Note that a single Supermetrics query execution can result in many requests to the data source API, depending on the selected metrics and dimensions.

Finding Your Request Usage

There is a feature in Team Management that allows you to report on your usage so you can check, both for Supermetrics requests and data source request. See the Viewing Your Account Usage article for more information.

Request Limits for Some Data Sources (list not exhaustive)

Data sourceRequest limitReset time
Adform (Reference)500 requests per day24 hours after first request
Adobe Analytics (Reference)Custom throttle limit set per Company. Can be raised with request to Adobe.
Adobe Analytics V2 (Reference)Rate limited as 120 requests per minute per Company (enforced as 12 requests every 6 seconds). No other specific quota given.
Microsoft AdvertisingNo enforced limits
Google Display & Video 360 (Reference)Maximum of 2000 requests per day
Google Campaign Manager30,000 requests per user per day, as set per Supermetrics.

Midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Facebook Ads (Reference Insights API/Reference General)Uses a dynamic rate limit allocation in real-time, based on usage and account ad spend - so amount allowed will vary from account to accountMay take up to an hour to decay to the point calls can be made again.
Facebook Insights (Reference)4,800 requests per engaged user per day for any given page. "Engaged user" is the unique number of people who clicked on the page or page content.24-hour sliding window
Google Analytics (Reference)10,000 requests per view (profile) per day. Note: enabling the "Avoid sampling" option in the sidebar can increase the amount of requests significantly.
Note there is a lower limit on Multichannel Funnel requests of 6000 requests per day.
Midnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Google BigQueryNo enforced limits
Twitter Ads250 requests per 15 minutesEvery 15 minutes
Twitter Public DataDepends on type of data fetchedEvery 15 minutes
Yandex.Metrica (Reference)5,000 requests per user per dayMidnight Moscow time (UTC+3)
YouTube12,000 requests per user per dayMidnight Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

If you experience any of your data source quotas hitting their limit, there are a couple of steps that you can do to to help reduce the request numbers:

  • Try to shorten the data ranges.
  • Remove any unneeded fields from the query.
  • Use fewer pages/views/accounts at once. Split into their own queries.
  • If using Sheets, utilize the¬†"Combine new results with old" feature - by first fetching the whole data range (with all the historic data you need), then modify the query by shortening the date range in to for example last 2 days and selecting "Combine new results with old" from the Options menu. After this your query refresh only brings you the new data and this lightens your query significantly. **Please note that you need to have "date" as one of the split by dimensions for this to work.

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