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About daily request quotas and limits

Many data sources have limits on how many requests an API account can make in a specific period of time. These are referred to as API request quotas or request limits.

If you reach a quota or request limit

If you see this error message, you've likely reached the API request limit for your data source:

  • Daily [data source] quota exceeded, try again later.

You can monitor your license's usage and request quotas on the Supermetrics Hub. If you think you've reached a limit, you'll find more information there.

A single Supermetrics query can result in many requests to the data source API, depending on the selected metrics and dimensions. This means that you can reach a quota limit with only a few queries.

How to fix this

If any of your data source quotas reach their limit, reduce your request size to something that's below your data source's limit. We recommend that you:

  • Shorten date ranges
  • Remove unnecessary fields
  • Use fewer accounts at once

If you're using Google Sheets, you can also use the "Combine new results with old" feature to create more efficient queries.

Reference list: Available data source request limits

Data sourceRequest limitReset time
Adform500 requests per day24 hours from first request
Adobe AnalyticsAdobe licenses don't have a standard request limit. Contact Adobe to make modifications.
Adobe Analytics V2 (Reference)120 requests per minute per license (enforced as 12 requests every 6 seconds)
Google Campaign Manager 36030,000 requests per user per day
There is a quota of 30 simultaneous reports.
Midnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Google Display & Video 3602000 requests per day
Facebook AdsDynamic rate limit based on account usage and ad spendUp to one hour
Facebook Insights4,800 requests per engaged user per day 24-hour sliding window
Google Analytics (Reference)10,000 requests per view (profile) per dayMidnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
Google Analytics 4
  • Tokens per property per day: 200,000 (Google Analytics 360: 2,000,000)
  • Tokens per property per hour: 40,000 (Google Analytics 360: 400,000)
  • Concurrent requests per property: 10 (Google Analytics 360: 50)

X Ads (Twitter)250 requests per 15 minutesEvery 15 minutes
X Public Data (Twitter)Varies between data typesEvery 15 minutes
Yandex.Metrica5,000 requests per user per dayMidnight, Moscow Standard Time (UTC+3)
YouTube20,000 requests per user per dayMidnight, Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)

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