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How to switch from custom Supermetrics connector to certified connector in Power BI

The Supermetrics connector for Power BI has been certified by Microsoft and comes with Power BI Desktop starting from version 2.128.751.0 (April 2024 update). 

If you've previously used the custom Supermetrics connector that you installed manually, we recommend removing the connector and switching to the certified version, as it supports scheduled refreshes and other native Power BI features. 


  1. Launch Power BI Desktop.
  2. Open the Help tab on the top menu.
  3. Click About to check the version of Power BI Desktop that you're currently using. The Supermetrics connector is available starting from version 2.128.751.0 (April 2024 update).
  4. If you have an outdated version of Power BI Desktop, download the latest version from the Microsoft Download Center. Windows 10 users can also download the latest version of Power BI Desktop from the Microsoft Store.
  5. Find the folder [Documents]\Power BI Desktop\Custom Connectors on your computer and delete the Supermetrics.mez or Supermetrics.pqx file in the folder. If you're not using other custom connectors, you can delete the entire folder. 
  6. Open Power BI Desktop.
  7. Click Get DataMore.
  8. Make sure that you can find the Supermetrics connector in the list.

If you were using an on-premises gateway for scheduled updates, see our instructions for switching to the native Power BI refresh functionality.

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