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How Supermetrics works

Supermetrics brings data from more than 100 data sources — including Facebook Ads, Google Analytics 4, and more — together into your reporting platforms.

Read on to learn how Supermetrics works and start automating your data.

Connect your data

Supermetrics pulls data from different sources into destinations like Google Sheets, Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio), Excel, and cloud storage platforms like BigQuery and Snowflake.

It does this by connecting to a data source's API and then pulling the data from that API on demand. You tell us which accounts to use, what data to pull, and where to pull it to. Supermetrics does the rest.

Explore our connection guides to learn how to connect your data sources to Supermetrics.

Connect your accounts

When you connect a data source to Supermetrics, you'll be asked to choose which accounts you use in that data source you want to pull data from. These are called your data source accounts.

A data source account is an account you use in a data source. For example, Facebook Ads uses "accounts," while Google Analytics 4 uses "properties," and Instagram Insights uses "profiles". To keep things as simple as possible, Supermetrics refers to all of these as data source accounts.

While you need a Google or Microsoft account to log in to Supermetrics itself, you can connect any data source account to your reports. Make sure the accounts you connect have access to the data you want to pull — if they don’t, Supermetrics won't be able to access the data and add it to your reporting.

Learn how to manage your data source accounts and your Supermetrics licenses and teams.

Build your reports

By creating a query, you define the data you’d like Supermetrics to pull from a data source. A query tells us which metrics and dimensions — when we refer to these together, we call them fields — to pull from the data source into your report.

Each query can be customized to include specific date ranges, campaigns, account types, and more. Every report you create with Supermetrics can support as many queries as you need it to.

Once you've connected to multiple data sources, you can query them all within the same report. 

Explore our report builder guides to learn how to build and refresh queries.

Share with your team

Teams can work together to build and modify queries and reports. The number of people who can work with your Supermetrics license depends on that license's subscription package.

In most of our products, teammates can create and then share connections with each other. This means that once one person connects a data source account to Supermetrics, they can choose to let teammates access that connection without having to log in again.

Automate your reports

Once you've set up your reports, Supermetrics can automatically update and share them with anyone who needs to see your reporting.

Google Sheets and Excel

If you're using Google Sheets or Excel, use scheduled reports to automatically send copies of your up-to-date reports to any email inbox.

Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio)

Looker Studio allows you to schedule any report to be delivered by email, including reports you build with Supermetrics. Learn more about scheduled email delivery.

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