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About advanced date settings in Salesforce

Supermetrics offers an advanced date setting for Salesforce that allows you to fetch date data based on either the opportunity closed or opportunity created range.

Opportunity dates

When you enable this setting, you’ll have the option to base dates on Opp. closed date and Opp. created date

The option selected will dictate both what date field is used to fetch the data for the date range selection, and what the standard date-based dimensions (such as "Date", "Year & month", etc.) will use. These only affect Opportunity-based data.

This can help eliminate discrepancies with the data you see in Salesforce reporting, as you can set the date base to match what you want to use, rather than a default.

Enable the setting

  • Looker Studio (formerly Data Studio): Click the Salesforce data source to open its configuration window. Click Edit connection in the top left corner. Then, scroll down to Opportunities dates based on and make your selection.
  • Excel: Open the Supermetrics sidebar. Click the Options menu, and then select Opportunities dates based on from the dropdown.
  • Google Sheets: Open the Supermetrics sidebar. Navigate to the Options dropdown, and select Opportunities dates based on.

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