Discrepancies with Snapchat Marketing Results

This guide will cover the most commonly seen kinds of discrepancies seen when querying Snapchat Marketing. Unless specified in the section, all guidance within should apply to all Supermetrics products that support the Snapchat Marketing connector.

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Rejected Ads Not Included By Default

In some cases, the Snapchat reporting UI may be including rejected ads in the totals, and some of those ads were running and had metrics associated with them. However, the connector by default strips out rejected ads from the results, leading to discrepancies and missing ads when compared with the UI.

To address this, you can change the default behavior by enabling an optional setting to "Include rejected ads in results". We have also include a "Review status" dimension to help identify these.

Setting in Google Sheets

Setting in Data Studio

Orange arrow points to "Include rejected ads in results" check box

Attribution Window Settings Do Not Match UI

The connector allows you to define an attribution window for your query (for more information see Can I Set a Custom Attribution Window for Snapchat Marketing?). However if the query settings do not match the reporting UI settings, you may see discrepancies in your conversion metrics.

You can check the reporting UI settings under "Columns" and either change that to match your query, or update the optional settings for the query to match the UI.

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