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How to use Supermetrics report templates in Excel

Our team has created a gallery of ready-made templates for reporting in Excel. Whether you need a report for social media performance, advertising, or web analytics, we hope there’s a free Supermetrics template in our selection that works for you.


  1. Visit our Excel template gallery.
  2. Click on a template to download it as an .xlsx file.
  3. Open the template file with Excel. The template includes instructions on how to add your data to it.
  4. Open the Supermetrics sidebar.
  5. Authenticate the data source you want to use with the template, choose your accounts, and click Run queries.
  6. Once the queries have run, close the Supermetrics sidebar.
  7. Navigate to the Data tab and click Refresh all.

Once this is done, you might see an alert warning you about replacing existing data in the file. Click Yes to confirm you want to replace the data.

Paid channel mix report template

If you're using the Excel paid channel mix report template, make sure you delete any sheets with queries that use data sources that aren't connected or whose data you don't want in your report.

If sheets with disconnected data sources are included, there's a risk the template won't work as intended.

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