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How to Monitor Your Daily BigQuery Transfers

Using the Monitoring tool in Team Management site, you can easily check on the status of all your Supermetrics for BigQuery transfers in one place. The UI will show you each transfer by data source over the past 14 days, and you can drill down to see what tables were added or what the failure reason was.

Accessing Monitoring

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Google account attached to your Supermetrics for BigQuery license.
  3. You should be taken to the MONITORING tab directly and see a display like this.
    • Note if you don't have any transfers set up yet, it will have a message for this. Once you have set up your first transfer and it has completed, click REFRESH to see the results.
    • If you belong to multiple teams, you may need to switch to the one for your Supermetrics for BigQuery license using the option in the top-right to Switch team.

Example display of some BigQuery transfer status in the Team Management site's "Monitoring" tool

Anatomy of the UI

  1. Signed in as - Actively logged in user account
  2. Data source - if multiple transfer exist for that source, they will be put together under the same name
  3. Transfer - The name of the transfer as seen in BigQuery and it's update cycle
  4. REFESH button - updates the UI to the latest details for your transfers
  5. Transfer status pane -Shows the last 14 days of upload attempts for each transfer. Clicking on the dot will give you more details of the status (#)
    • Red dot - Error occurred with some part of the transfer
    • Yellow dot - Warning or no data transfered
    • Green dot - Transfer successful
  6. Date slider - shows which day that column is for
  7. Date selected - shows what day you are actively looking at if you clicked a dot
  8. Full details of the transfer - shows all the details of the transfer such as date, name, which data source account was used. This also has the times the transfer ran and the status of it (successfully or other).
  9. Details - Expands to show each table that was added as part of the transfer job as well as error messages, if something failed.

Layout of the Monitoring UI with dots with numbers marking each element that is described in the text above

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