Discrepancies in Google Search Console results

Along with the UI, the Google Search Console API finally supports fresh data. We have added this functionality to our data source as of late April 2021, which hopefully resolves some of the earlier discrepancies and missing values for current data (today, yesterday, etc.) Google Search Console Fresh Data / Finalized Data

However, the data may also still be affected by the information below, so if you continue to have discrepancies in older results, please read on.

Usually differences in results between Supermetrics and Google Search Console are caused by the fact that Supermetrics returns all search data (web, image, video) by default, whereas Search Console displays web search only. 

If this is the case then the solution would be adding a filter: Search type EQUALS WEB

Still see a difference to expected results?

The way Google Search Console aggregates clicks and especially impressions is quite opaque. It is known that aggregation level affects the total counts heavily. These counts are meant to be interpreted as estimations.

Google has their reasons for this kind of aggregation:
- Privacy. Some queries are filtered out because they contain identifiable information.
- Technical differences between tools. We are using the Search Console API which processes data differently from the Search Console UI.
- Computation time. To get an estimate quickly, Google changes the sampling algorithm based on what dimensions you split the data with.

- "Data discrepancies" under https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7576553
- "Why do I lose data when asking for more detail?" under https://developers.google.com/webmaster-tools/search-console-api-original/v3/how-tos/all-your-data

Example when filtering results:

- When filtering by page or query, the "matches" and "does not match" totals might not add up to the unfiltered total. For example, adding the totals for "Queries containing:mouse" and "Queries not containing:mouse" might not equal the total values when no query filters are applied. This is because anonymized queries are omitted, and data is truncated due to serving limitations.

Read about it on this page: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7576553?hl=en

All in all, these are Google's limitations, which we can’t go around unfortunately.

Please note that this is a feature of the Search Console products only. Other Supermetrics connectors should be perfectly in line with data from native UIs.

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