First Steps (Getting Supermetrics Into Your Excel File)

This guide will walk you through how to obtain and install the Supermetrics for Excel add-in for Excel 2016+ and Excel Online!

  1. Go to the Microsoft AppSource to download the Supermetrics app. Click GET IT NOW to start the process.
  2. Orange arrow pointing to the blue "GET IT NOW" button for starting the installation process for Supermetrics for Excel

  3. Read the terms of service pop-up and click Continue.

    Orange error points to blue "Continue" button to proceed with the install process

  4. The process will direct you to the Office Store page where you can either open Excel for Office or open Office Online (use this option if you don't have Excel installed locally).

    Orange arrow points to green button to "Open in Excel" with another arrow pointing the "Office Online" link

  5. Excel will open in the mode you selected and you will get the prompt to accept that Supermetrics will be saved to your OneDrive. Click Continue to accept.

    Orange arrow pointing to green button to "Continue" to accept saving the app to OneDrive

  6. The install process will then take you to a file saved in OneDrive for Supermetrics (you may need to log into OneDrive). At this point the installation should be complete and now you can use the add-in!
  7. Open a new (or existing) Excel file.
  8. Click on the INSERT tab and then click Office Add-ins.

    Orange boxes highlight the "INSERT" tab menu and then the "Office Add-ins" widget

  9. If it was installed correctly, you will see it listed under "MY ADD-INS".
    • If you do not see it, try clicking Refresh.
  10. Click the Supermetrics add-in to select it and then click the Add button.

    Supermetrics add-in is highlighted green to show it is selected and then orange arrow points to "Add" to add it

  11. Now open the DATA tab and you should see the Show Supermetrics widget in the menu. Click that to open the sidebar.

    Orange arrow points to the "Show supermetrics" widget to start the app

  12. When the sidebar opens, log in with your Microsoft account.
  13. Next it will ask you to accept some permissions for the Supermetrics app. Click Accept.

    Dialog asking for permissions for the app to work. Orange arrow points to blue "Accept" button to proceed

  14. Once that is completed successfully you should see a message like this. Click Close window to go back to the Excel file.

    Dialog for successful login. Orange arrow points to grey button to "Close window" and return to Excel

  15. Now you are ready to start using Supermetrics to create queries and gather all your data into once place! 

While there's also some guided tutorial in the app itself, see these links for more detailed directions about the next steps to connect to a data source and an example of how to set up a query.

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