Email Trigger Error: Email Failed File Not Found

This guide applies to the follower error seen with "Refresh & email daily"-type triggers:

Last Status: Error: Email failed File not found: <fileIDReference>

There are a couple of different reasons this error can occur on your email refresh triggers. Please check the following to see if one of these applies and follow the instructions to fix the file:

You are Not the File Owner

Only the owner of the file can set and run email triggers via Supermetrics, so please have the owner add you with owner permissions to the file.

The File Has Been Moved Since the Trigger Was Created

If the Google Spreadsheet file has been moved to another location or even another drive, it can break the connection the trigger had as it is remembers the last location of the file in order to process it. If this has happened, delete the trigger and then recreate it so it can relink to the new location.

If you cannot see the trigger in the available options to remove it, check the master trigger list in the Supermetrics sidebar:

Using Non-Google for Business Account With File in a Business Drive

If your Supermetrics license is linked to a non-business Google account, but the file is within your Business Drive, it may automatically make the business account the file owner. This would result in the trigger not finding the file. You may then need to move the file back to the non-business account's Drive location (then you need to process the steps above for "File Has Been Moved...." and recreate the trigger), or change the license user to the business account.

File is Stored in Team Drive

The triggers do not work correctly from Team Drive locations as it doesn't have the right permissions to run the trigger. You will need to move the file to a private Drive location (the user with the license) to fix this.

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