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How to check your license usage

You can pull the data on your requests with Supermetrics. You can review this for each data source, which will allow you to see your own and your team members’ usage, as well as your quota limits.

To see this information:

  1. Log into the Supermetrics Team Site.
  2. Check that you’re in the right team in the upper right corner.
  3. In the bottom left, select Accounts and licenses.
  4. Click Usage.

Account usage will help you to check the data source account used.

Explore these settings to get customized usage reports.

  • Columns: Basic information including date, data source, errors message, etc.
  • Members: Select specific team members to see how many requests they are making.
  • Applications: Select which Supermetrics app/product you want to check.
  • Date range: Set the dates you want to check, to a max of 30 days into the past.

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