Team Management Basics

The Team Management site is accessible at and you must log in with the Google Account or Microsoft Account you defined as the User ID when you purchased the license in order to do further team management. The below guide describes the primary features of adding/modifying/removing team members and changing the team name.

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Basic Information

Team membership has two functions:

First is to give user access to API and BigQuery licenses. The Google accounts that are listed on the team, regardless of role, will have access to any and all of these "team"-type licenses found under LICENSES tab.

Second is to give billing access to administrators/purchasers so that they can manage the licenses (purchase, renew, updated payment methods, etc.) Typically only "Owner" roles can take these actions.

IMPORTANT: Team membership has NO EFFECT on "assigned licenses"-types, such as Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Functions, Excel, etc. Those licenses only work for the one assigned user and ignore the team functionality.

NOTE: Data Studio now requires the user to be both a team member and be assigned to the license per How to Assign Users to Your Data Studio License.

Adding Members

  1. Log into with the User Id set for the license.
  2. Check that the correct team is selected. You may belong to multiple teams and not all may have licenses. 
    1. Click on the LICENSES tab and check that the expected items are listed either under the "Paid" or "Trial" license sections.
    2. If the product is missing, click the Switch team icon in the upper right-hand corner and see if there are other options to select.

    3. Select another team and recheck the LICENSES tab to see if that has the license. NOTE: If none of the teams you belong to has the license, click the Support link and send a support ticket as there may be another issue with your license.
  3. When you have verified you have the right team active with your Data Studio license, click on the TEAM tab.
  4. Click the ADD MEMBER button.

  5. A pop-up will appear. Fill in the New member email with a valid Google or Microsoft account the member will use to access Data Studio and/or Team Management.
  6. Select their Team role from the options. NOTE: the team role has no effect on what the user can do in Data Studio or other products. This is only for Team Management itself.
    • Owner - Has full rights to manage the team, the licenses, and billing. Can merge teams.
    • Admin - Has rights to manage the team, can see some billing information but may not be able to edit it.
    • Editor- Can only view licenses and team membership. Cannot see billing, cannot interact with licenses, cannot manage the team in any way.

      Example of the new member dialog showing the field to add the email and team role selection.

  7. Click OK to save the member. They should now be present in the Members list and will have access to any "team"-type licenses assigned to the team and be available to assign to specific licenses like Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Data Studio.

    Example of the new user added to the team list

  8. (Optional) You can also click Manage licenses to begin the process to assign any "assigned"-type licenses directly to the user.

    Note that users cannot access "assigned"-type licenses, like Sheets, Excel, etc., unless they are assigned directly to that license. For Data Studio, users must both belong to the team and be assigned to the license per How to Assign Users to Your Data Studio License. Team membership alone does NOT grant access to non-team license types.

Modifying Members

  1. Click on the TEAM tab.
  2. Find the member to change in the list and click the Edit link.

    Blue arrow points to red "Edit" link which will allow the user in that row to be edited

  3. In the pop-up dialog, you can change the Team role. At this time you cannot edit the email address.
    • If you need to correct a bad email address, instead add the corrected email as a new member and then remove the incorrect one.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

Removing Members

  1. Click on the TEAM tab.
  2. Find the member to remove in the list and click the Delete link.

    Blue arrow points to red "Delete" link that will remove the specific user from the team.

  3. There will be a pop-up asking you to confirm you wish to remove the user. Click OKto proceed.

    Example dialog asking if user is sure they want to remove this team member. Will list user being removed and what team they will be removed from

  4. There will be a confirmation message. The removed user will no longer have access to the team or any of the "team"-type licenses assigned to that team.

Editing the Team Name

  1. Click on the TEAM tab.
  2. Under the team name, click the Edit link.

    Blue arrow points to red link to "Edit" the team name

  3. Edit the team name to make it more unique and identifiable.

    IMPORTANT: There's a known issue that happens if you give the team the same name as another existing team. Make sure your team names are unique from each other to prevent this.

    Example of the team name edit dialog.

  4. Click OK to save the changes.

Adding and Removing Teams

The functionality to add or remove teams is not yet available, but you can now merge unused teams into others. Please see Merging Teams in Team Management.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Team Management is a growing tool, so the look of the UI and functionality may change over time. We will strive to update these documents with the latest UI and feature changes, but it may not be 100% accurate all of the time.

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