How can I add my templates to the Template Gallery?

Adding your templates to the Supermetrics Template Gallery is a great way to promote your dashboard design, consulting or training services to the thousands of online marketing professionals that use Supermetrics. To create a template:

  1. Use our add-on to get the data and add charts, formatting and calculations. Note that everything should be on a single worksheet. If you want to have separate areas for data processing and display, you can do the processing in hidden columns, but it must be on the same template sheet. For instructions, you can add a note to a cell, rather than a separate instruction sheet.
  2. After you're happy with the design, delete the results of your queries, so that your own data won't be included with the template, or replace the results with dummy data. In case you use dummy data, ensure that the query ranges on the SupermetricsQueries sheet cover all of the dummy data. Otherwise, the dummy data may be mixed with user data when a user adds the template to a spreadsheet.
  3. On the SupermetricsQueries sheet, delete the contents of these columns: Query ID, Accounts/views (or "Accounts/profiles"), Created, Updated, Last status, Last refresh ID, Results contain sampled data, Refresh with user account.
  4. In the sharing settings of the spreadsheet, use "Get shareable link" to get a link to the file. Note that anyone will be able to view the file and make a copy of it using the link. Select the "Anyone with the link can view" option, so others can't edit your file.
  5. Email us and share the file with We will verify that the template works correctly and fills our requirements, and add it to the Template Gallery. In your email to us, you can include a thumbnail screenshot for use in the Template Gallery.

When creating a template, check that there isn't anything very similar already in the gallery. The template should look good and provide some relevant data for online marketers.

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