The triggers I added don't work.

There are a few things you can do:

  • Delete the trigger and add it again. This usually fixes the issue.
  • If the trigger is set to run very late in the evening (eg. 11 PM), it may fail to complete during the day. So you can try shifting it to start earlier in the evening, or later after midnight.
  • If your trigger is working but completing much later than the time you have specified, note that the time you set is the processing start time. Depending on the number and type of queries you have in the file, refreshing it may take several hours (slowing this down is the Google restriction that triggers can only run a few minutes per each hour). Moving the processing start time earlier may be a good idea. Also, check the time zone in the trigger window.
  • If you have an email trigger and it's refreshing the queries but the email is not being sent, it may be because the email attachment may be larger than Google allows. Open the trigger window (Add-ons: Supermetrics: Schedule refresh & emailing), and you can see the latest status of your trigger. Email problems should usually be displayed there. To fix this, you should reduce the content in the file, or email individual sheets instead of the whole file. You can also try different file types, some may work better than others.
  • Another reason emails sent by triggers are not arriving may be the sender address. We recommend you set the sender address as to ensure reliable delivery.
  • Check that you have the add-on enabled in the file. If it is, you should see Supermetrics listed in the Add-on menu. If it's not there, choose Get Add-ons and install the Supermetrics add-on.
  • If you haven't opened the add-on in a while, it may require reauthorization. You can fix this simply by opening the add-on sidebar (Add-ons: Supermetrics: Launch sidebar).
  • You should also check the status of the queries on the SupermetricsQueries sheet (Add-ons: Supermetrics: Manage queries). You may see a specific error that's causing the refresh to fail, or that the refresh get stuck on some particular query.
  • Is the file stored in a Team Drive location? Email triggers cannot work from these locations, so you need to relocate the file to the licensed user's Drive account.
  • Are the query IDs non-unique (that is they are copied into multiple files)? This can lead to the trigger system updating one but not the other copy, as it thinks it already has done it. You can compare query IDs in multiple files by opening the SupermetricsQueries tab in each and checking. If you find duplicates, you can delete the Query ID for one of them, then with the row still selected, open the sidebar and then "refresh" the query to generate a new unique ID. Repeat as needed for other duplicated IDs.
  • Verify you have the correct license version - some features are no longer available in lower license tiers. See Trigger License Limitations for Google Sheets for more details.

If the above doesn't help, you can contact us and we'll check the situation. In your email, please include the following information:

  • URL of the file
  • Description of what's wrong
  • The following screenshot:
    • Open the file where you have the trigger
    • Open Supermetrics sidebar
    • Switch to the 'Schedule' tab
    • Select 'Manage triggers in all your files' at the bottom of the sidebar
    • Take a screenshot of the list of triggers
  • Screenshot of the SupermetricsQueries sheet

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