Logging into Data Sources for Google Sheets (Step-by-Step)

This guide will show you how to log into a data source using the sidebar in Supermetrics for Google Sheets so you can then extract the data from that source. These steps will show Facebook Ads as an example, but these same basic steps can be used for almost all the Supermetrics connectors.

This guide assumes that you have already installed the Supermetrics add-on for Google Sheets - if you have not done this yet, see First steps (getting Supermetrics Sidebar in to your Google Sheets) for directions on how to do this.

  1. In a Google Sheets file, click Add-ons->Supermetrics->Launch to open the sidebar.

    Orange highlights the path to "Launch" the Supermetrics sidebar to get started

  2. In the sidebar, click on the data source you wish to connect to in the Data Source section. For example, to connect with Facebook Ads, you would click on that entry in the list to proceed.

    Orange arrow pointing to Facebook ads entry to start the login process for that data source.

    Note if this is the very first time you've used the add-on, the Data Source list may look like this instead. Click on a data source icon to proceed.

    Example of the initial data source connection list for brand new users.

  3. A new window or tab will open in your browser to start the connection process with that data source.

    For example, logging into Facebook Ads takes you to a page like this, but other data sources may look slightly different:

    Example log screen for Facebook Ads - the blue "Continue with Facebook" button will take the user through the login process

  4. Follow the prompts in the new window to log into the data source with your account.
  5. If it asks you to approve access permissions, please accept those else the add-on won't function properly.
  6. Once all the steps have been followed to log in, the window should close and redirect you back to the Google Sheets sidebar.
  7. If it doesn't open it automatically, click on the Select accounts section to expand it. Note that this may be called other things depending on the data source (Select view, Select location, etc.).
  8. Click into the text box to see a drop-down of the accounts you can select for your query. Select at least one account.

    Orange arrow pointing to the account selection box, where the drop-down shows "Supermetrics Ads" as an example

  9. You are now logged in and ready to make queries against that account to get the data from it!

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