How to modify or edit a query

When you create a query with Supermetrics for Google Sheets, you can modify it afterwards in the Supermetrics sidebar.

1. When you create and run a query with Get data to table, the data from your query will be populated starting from the cell you have selected in the sheet – in the example below, cell A1.

A tab will open in the Supermetrics sidebar, where you can see the information of your newly created query or select a query action.

2. In the tab under query actions, click on Modify.

  • If you have closed the query information tab, you can open it later at any time. Click on any cell that contains data from the query, and in a few seconds the tab will open again in the sidebar.

3. The sidebar will open the query selections again, and the text "Modifying query at [query location]" will be displayed at the top.

4. Make any changes you want to the query setup, and click on Apply changes.

5. The query will be run again with the new setup. Once you no longer want to make edits, click on Exit to exit the modifying mode.

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