Error: "Due to high Facebook Ads API utilization at the moment, only paying users can run queries right now. Please try again later. Sorry."

This error occurs when there are many user requests utilizing Facebook Ads in the same time range. However, this error only happens if you have an expired trial. Thus, if you're on a paid license, or you wish to extend a demo license, please see the steps below on how to tackle this error.

If you have a paid license

If you encounter this error and have a paid license, please refer to this guide: Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio.

If you're using Data Studio, please take careful attention to part #2 Updating Data Sources to the Correct Team and be sure that you are logged in with the right license/team.

Merging teams

In some cases, if you have two teams, it is recommended to merge them. For example, if you have a Facebook Ads demo license assigned to team A and a Data Studio license assigned to team B, we recommend merging the teamsTo merge the teams, please refer to this guide:

Merging Teams in Team Management 

Changing user ID

Please note that to merge the teams, you need to be an "Owner" role of both the target and destination team. If you are not an owner, or if you are uncertain, please follow this guide: 

Can I Change My User ID for Supermetrics?

For Google Sheets & Microsoft Excel

If you have followed Part #1 from this article: Community connector error: You are using the free version of Supermetrics for Data Studio and it didn't help, please go to the sidebar and check that you're logged in with a paid license. 

- Click on the icon below.

- You will see your license information, as below: 

In some cases, you might need to refresh your license information. To do so, please refer to this guide:

Refreshing License Info

If you wish to upgrade to a paid license

To upgrade from a trial license to a paid subscription, please see this guide:

Upgrade trial license to paid subscription

Further assistance

If you continue to have issues after trying the above actions, please submit a request to support with the details of the issue and we will assist you.

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