Duplicating a file for another account

If you have already built a Google Sheets file with multiple queries for specific data sources, you can duplicate the whole file and queries for other accounts – for example all your clients' ad accounts.

1. In the Google Sheets file you want to duplicate, go to Add-ons → Supermetrics → Duplicate this file for another account, or open the Supermetrics sidebar, and in the menu click on Duplicate file for another account:

2. In the pop up that opens, select the accounts, pages, views etc. you want to use in the new duplicated file and queries.

  • If you used several data sources in the original file, you will be asked to choose the accounts for all those data sources. Select the accounts for each data source and click Next until you reach the last one.

3. Once you have selected your accounts, click on Duplicate the file.

4. Your queries will now be duplicated and refreshed in the new copied file. This may take a few moments to complete, depending on the amount of queries in the original file.
Open the new file from the "here" link.

5. You will now have a duplicate file, containing the same queries as your original file, but using the new accounts you selected.

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