I Don't Get Results for Certain Fields / HubSpot Permissions Issues

This article applies to situations where you get blank values for fields such as "Page" or "Page URL" even though you should have data, or when you see the error:

We are not able to retrieve some results as due to insufficient permissions to your data.

Some HubSpot fields, such as "Page" and "Page URL" require a permission scope called "Content". 

This permission scope is granted to Supermetrics connector by HubSpot only for users who have user level "Super Admin". Without this permission scope, you cannot see any results in various fields.

Workaround if you are not Super Admin or account owner in HubSpot:

  1. If you have previously authenticated with HubSpot, before moving forward you'll need to log out from the HubSpot account in the HubSpot connector
  2. Request your HubSpot account owner to grant your HubSpot account Super Admin permissions temporarily
  3. Authenticate HubSpot connector in Supermetrics and now you'll see "Content" scope on the permission list:
  4. After authentication, you can ask your HubSpot account owner to change your permission levels back. Your permission scopes for Supermetrics will stay the same.

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